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What is the background check?
Will The GoTo Network review and decide on the background check?
Can I join The GoTo Network under my part time position?
How do I know that Members of The GoTo Network are reputable?
What is The GoTo Network code of conduct?
What is the policy on attending meetings?
What if I can not attend a specific meeting?
Can I bring a guest to a meeting?
Are meetings held at different times of the day?
Why can there be only one Member per business classification in each local Team?
How important are my consumer ratings?
How do consumers post Member ratings?
How do we know that ratings are legitimate?
What is your policy on MLM (Multi Level Marketing) companies?
How do you find new Members?
Do existing Members advertise to find new Members?
How much does it cost to become a Member?
How do Members benefit?
How do consumers benefit?

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